Reliance Energy To Tata Power

Changeover of Electricity supply from Reliance Energy to Tata Power

As you are aware that due to steep increase in power tariff announced by Reliance Energy in September 2010, Mumbai residents were forced to look at alternate option for their electricity service provider.

This gave boost to TATA POWER as the rates offered by them were lower by 30% comparatively to reliance infra.

Till date more than 1.35 lacs customers (Residential, Commercial and Industrial ) have already changed over to TATA POWER.

The changeover process is very simple and using the network of existing utility , customers can enjoy the benefits of availing better services of TATA POWER as well as reduction in monthly energy bills

Documents required for TATA POWER
Proof of ownership ( any one ) such as society maintenance bill, society share certificate, sale agreement, property tax bill.

• Share certificate If Current Bill NOT in your Name.

• Identity proof (any one ) such as pan card, driving license, passport, voter card, Sr citizen card etc.

• Application Form For the changeover of service provider & Name Transfer duly signed by you.

• Copy of current paid light bill front and back side.

BLANK TWO CHEQUE One blank cheque is required to pay as Security Deposit which is calculated as per load connected to your meter per KV +Rs 50 /- if it is Single phase & Rs. 75 /- if it is a three phase meter as administration charges.

Cheque in favoring THE TATA POWER CO.LTD. which please note.

It must be noted that different taxes charged by Reliance will also be charged by Tata Power including Rs. 0.51 per unit of wheeling charges& 9.9% distribution loss. But even after this the consumer will still save. Also , the taxes charged by Tata Power will be charged on a smaller amount because the rate per unit of Tata Power is lesser than Reliance, which will lead further saving.

For that our service charges Rs.500 /-per connection. And for society and commercial per connection Rs 1000/-will be charged.

  • Tata power does not charge for their new meter.
  • Changeover period : 7 to 30 days.
  • Monthly bill will be raised by Tata power and any faults and complaints will be handled by Tata power staff.

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